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Welcome to myaliensoftware.com, It is a website based on knowledge and reviews and even products of a personal favorite Brand of mine. A brand that is second to none in terms of quality and performance. Over the coming days there will be more and more content Available as this is a fairly fresh website.

.  Now I am more then excited to meet everyone within the community and hope to answer and connect with any questions or help needed.


My love and passion for gaming began as a 6 year old kid as a brother to 7 sisters and separate parents life was rough. As an only Boy I had to find a hobby at home and there was only one true thing I enjoyed!

I loved stepping into a fantasy world or any other reality and just be a hero or a villain if that’s your cup of tea. I’ve had many different consoles in my life from the Dreamcast to the PS5 But nothing caught my eye more than a laptop. Not just any laptop, Because we have all been there on the PC gaming scene you need the specs!! You cannot settle for average or less or your performance will slack.

So I shopped and went through Several Brands However my personal opinion and currently use daily is Alienware Brand Hardware. I have Been with Alienware for 5 years going on many many more


My Goal for this website is to communicate with fellow gamers that enjoy quality product and would like content on a product that I thoroughly enjoy. I find it thrilling to help others and guide others to the products and Reviews they want to know more about. I’m not here to force product down anyone or make anyone feel pressured. I want to help others e joy Alienware content

However it may be I will be assisting with product knowledge. Also as posted on the website whether it is in the chat box or message. I am here to guide consumers to what I Feel as an experienced Gamer. The Best quality hardware you can associate with 🙂



My Goal of the website in it’s entirety will be to create a website. This website will be  for a community that enjoys Alienware product and Services.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Any questions reach me at Brandon@myaliensoftware.com

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